Let’s talk about women, working women and the role they have on the planet. Social inequality between genders is still a subject to deal with day by day. So much so, that there is a fact that causes us some concern: 66% of the global workforce is produced by women, and in turn, only 10% of the world’s income comes from female workers. For this and other reasons, Dream Builder was born, a program sponsored by the Embassy of the United States, the Chamber of Commerce of Quito and the School of Business of the CCQ, coordinated by Ana María Torres, CEO of Anyart.

Dream Builder materializes in an online course aimed at 24 women entrepreneurs from Quito with an established business, which they would like to develop or expand. It teaches content based on basic business concepts in a «practical, comfortable and fun» way, combined with interviews with enterprising women, episodic animations, etc.

The workshop is formed by a method that transmits closeness and reality so that the students feel very identified with who they can become and their businesses, as well as real cases, solutions to common problems, testimonies of successes directed by women and especially, enhance and improve the ideas of the students during the course of the workshop.

In addition to the interactive courses, participants have access to useful tools and templates that they can use in their own companies. An innovative Business Plan Generator guides the student in the creation of a business plan throughout the entire program.

Ana María Torres Plata is very moved by her participation: «It is really super exciting for me to lead this diverse group of women entrepreneurship, because this online business training program helps women to realize their dreams of starting or growing their business. Exponents of great stature have visited us and we have been able to share experiences of our ventures with each other. «

The course is totally free and lasts 6 Saturdays, from September 30 to December 9, 2017.

Undoubtedly, this project greatly helps the female sector, in which women come out more prepared and willing to meet a common goal: change the data and statistics that exist today in terms of gender differences in the workplace.

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