AnyArt Glass Celebrates his passion for glass by exposing the world through it. The magic of color, brightness, transparency make each piece an exotic artistic expression that will

The nature of glass is rebellious, ambiguous and with extravagant properties. In its internal structure it is a disorganised liquid and on the outside it has a perfect and solid appearance. It has a fragile body, but retains its beauty throughout life.

Our fascination with glass makes everything we see in the world we want to put inside it. This is how we continue to open borders and more and more stores in America, the United States and Europe join in our race to capture cultural, emblematic places, poetic feelings, everyday life and everything that the world allows us to contribute with light color and transparency of a unique material par excellence to decorate our home.

We went up to the clouds when the Las Ventas de Toros bullfight shop in Madrid asked us to make this beautiful building in our glass, considered «a cultural asset with a category of historical-artistic monument» in Spain.